Additional Services

In addition to web hosting and domain names, we offer the following services. (Simply click on the credit card button to button to add them to your order. If you are using PayPal , though, they must be purchased separately.)

USM Web Consulting

Are you worried about the high cost of developing and maintaining a website? Would you like someone to walk you through the process of setting up a website so that you can do it on your own in the future? PhiloxeniaWeb does not provide this, but USM Web Consulting does.

They provide distance and on-site training so that you can avoid the high cost of having someone else develop or maintain your website. Alternatively, you can hire them to do it for you. They can also help create audio files for the internet and transcribe music into web-accessible text. Visit their site for more information.

Site Transfer Service

Confused about how to move your site over to our server? Don't want to have to recreate your databases, email accounts, or other settings from scratch? Take advantage of our site transfer service. If you are migrating from another C-Panel based account, we can (in most cases) seamlessly transfer your databases, email accounts, and other settings.

For non-C-Panel accounts, this service is limited to file transfers only. Please be aware that this process does not work flawlessly in all cases. If the site transfer is unsuccessful, you will receive a full refund.


Static IPs

Static IP addresses are available by request. Unless you would like to set up a secure server (SSL) on your website, you probably don't need one. There are some minor benefits, like being able to avoid DNS propogation delays, but these are not usually worth the extra cost.


Managed Hosting

Would you rather not spend time configuring your website with all the scripts, email addresses, databases, subdomains, and other things you'll need? Let us manage the technical aspects of your site for you. Our managed hosting plan includes the initial configuration of your site and up to two hours of support over the course of the year (that's a lot of updates).


Dada Mail Installation

Dada Mail is an elegant and powerful mailing list management program. Dada Mail has a web-based interface which makes it easy to manage multiple lists, subscribe or unsubscribe users, or search through list archives. It integrates easily into your website so that people can sign themselves up with little hassle. Dada Mail makes mailing lists easy!


Movable Type Installation

Movable Type is a powerful and flexible content management system which can be used for weblogs, small publications, and personal sites. It offers a web-based interface so you can update your site without wrestling through any HTML code. The hardest part about it is the installation. We only charge $50 to set it up on your account, but must pay a $150 license fee to do this for you. You may install it yourself free of charge.