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We will never require any advertising on your site, but are happy when a satisfied customer wants to spread the word about our great web hosting deals. One way to do this is to place a "PhiloxeniaWeb" button on your homepage. That's what this page is all about.

Software for Web Design

Macromedia Dreamweaver - The industry-standard tool for creating and managing a website. This is our favorite.

Adobe GoLive - offers excellent integration with other Adobe products and may be easier to use for those accustomed to an Adobe environment.

Microsoft Frontpage - While the code it produces is not as clean as Dreamweaver or GoLive, business users may appreciate some of the power features offered through Frontpage's server extensions. The Frontpage interface is similiar to MS Word.


  • The free Mozila browser offers a simple graphical WYSIWIG (What You See is What You Get) HTML editor.
  • Trellian's WebPage - another free HTML editor with a WYSIWIG interface.
  • Evrsoft's 1st Page 2000 - One of the best free (but non-WYSIWYG) editors.
  • WS_FTP Lite - One of best known free FTP programs available.
  • SmartFTP - A slightly more elegant choice.
  • Hex Color Finder - a Freeware program that gives you the value of any color on your screen
  • MioPlanet's - Find out the exact size and position of any element on your screen

Learning HTML and CSS

  • There are a million books out there on learning HTML. Learning Web Design , by Jennifer Niederst now in its second edition, offers an intelligent balance of HTML coding and site design.
  • A List Apart

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